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Urbanista New York Headphones and Stockholm Earphones - why we love travelling with them!


Want to know which of these two Urbanista top of the line headphones are best for travel? We recently had the chance to check them out and we love them both, although each has its own perks.

The build quality and reliability of both the Stockholm and New York are on point. Right out of the box they are easy to use and connect to your phone, this is one of the main reasons we love them (:


Both these products pack one hell of a punch - in fact we were pleasantly surprised by the output of the Stockholm earphones. The New York obviously produces more of a punch but that is to be expected. The main thing that differentiates the audio output for us is the fact that the New York headphones are noise-cancelling, which is a huge plus for us when catching numerous flights. The droning noise of the engines is gone when using these!




When travelling, portability of all our gear is always a huge consideration, which is where the Stockholm comes out on top. These little pocket rockets will take up next to no space in your bag. Having said that, the New York are foldable and can even easily fit into Evey's smallest bag :) Note that the durability of the New York is superb, we have thrown these around and not experienced any problems at all.

Stockholm case:

We thought that due to the fact that the Stockholm are wireless and so small, we would easily misplace or lose them. However they come with a powerful case that not only keeps them safe but also charges them whilst you're not using them - pretty handy for travelling!

Battery Life:

The New York takes the crown here, but the difference is not as drastic as you might expect.

New York - with noise cancelling on, they last 16 hours. With this feature off, they last 25 hours.

Stockholm -  14 hours of total playtime


Our verdict:

We love the sleek minimalist design of both of these products, and are glad that we own them both. Bret favours the New York whilst Evey prefers the Stockholm. It really depends on you and what your priorities are, however both are the perfect travel companion!

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