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Top Tips To Hiking Trolltunga Over A Long Weekend

If you're thinking about spending a weekend in Trolltunga, or going on an overnight hike up to Trolltunga, we can't recommend it enough! Give yourself 3 or 4 full days for this itinerary – we did it in 3. 


Trolltunga is a magnificent rock face situated 1100m above sea level in Odda, Norway. Getting here is one of the best hikes in Norway but you can't get there without some hard work. Getting to the base of the hike feels like a destination tour in itself – the winding roads are surrounded by epic wildlife, monstrous waterfalls and vast landscapes.

This article summarises our top Trolltunga hiking tips including when to visit, how to get there, how to get to the Trolltunga trailhead, which carpark to use, information on the Trolltunga queue, where to set up your tent and how to make the most of your experience! 

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1. Fly into Bergen or Oslo

We flew into Oslo but only because Bret’s best man lives there and we were travelling together. We would otherwise recommend Bergen which has a much shorter 3 hour drive for a jam packed weekend. The scenery en route is spectacular, none more striking than the monstrous waterfalls within close proximity to Odda, which you can easily experience whether you arrive from Oslo or Bergen.


2. Stop by Latefossen Waterfall

A short 20 minute drive from Odda you will find this 165m tall double waterfall. Two separate streams come together and create a powerful presence over the Norwegian Nation Road 13 (RV 13). We recommend venturing (carefully) up to the waterfalls; one side has a well-trodden trail, the other more of a climb.


3. Explore Odda

Odda is a small town at the base of the Trolltunga hike and where you will start your ascent from. We didn’t find a lot to do here but the views of the lake and surrounding mountains were well worth a stop. As we couldn’t find a great deal of restaurant options, we would recommend getting take away or packing something to eat on the waterfront (exact location where we found a large beach: 60°04'18.4"N 6°32'53.5"E).


4. Trolltunga Trailhead

This is probably the best bit of information we can share with you; there are in fact two car parks which you can begin the hike from. One right at the beginning of the trailhead (500 krone / 24 hours) and one another 4km inwards which skips around 600m in elevation. In the first car park you won’t have trouble getting a space, however the inner car park is considerably smaller and more expensive, the drive to it is also rather narrow and you might find yourself reversing to allow others to pass. If you fancy this option but the car park is full there is a shuttle bus you can catch for 250 krone return. We’re proud to say that we didn’t copout and did the whole hike from the beginning of the trailhead.


5. Trolltunga Tongue

The famous photo spot on the tongue-like rock formation gets very busy and you will have to queue to get your shot. However, our advice is to get up at the crack of dawn and be there when the sun comes up – there was still a queue at this time however it was significantly less than at other times. Be prepared to wait for at least 20-30 minutes in the trolltunga queue. 


6. Where to Sleep

We camped at the summit and definitely recommend doing the same. Contrary to what you might read elsewhere, it is perfectly safe as long as you use common sense and go during the summer months. There were around 30 other tents pitched up there too, safe to say space is not a problem! Bear in mind that there is a ‘no camp’ zone between the 2-5km mark, but you wouldn’t want to camp in this area anyway. To wake up, unzip the tent and gaze out over Trolltunga is a must.


7. When to go

Depending on snow and weather conditions, the season will vary from year to year:

Recommended time to visit.............................................                  

Recommended time to visit with guide.................. 

Not recommended, very dangerous...........................     

Recommended time to visit with guide..................

Mid-June to Mid-September

Mid-September to October

November to February

March to Mid-June

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These are our top Trolltunga hiking tips (how to get there, which months to visit in, how to get to the trailhead, trolltunga queue, and where to set up your tent), we really hope they've helped with your trip planning. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about planning your trip to Trolltunga - drop us a message! 


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