All You Need to Know Before You Go: Nusa Penida 

Nusa Penida is a smaller island off the South-east coast of Bali, and is most well known for its T-rex coast line (Kellingking beach), but there is so much more to it! Don't worry if you only have one day here, most people only do day trips - but if you want to experience all that this island has to offer, you'll need 3 days. 

Check out our 7 day Bali guide, which allows for a day at Nusa Penida.

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How to get to Nusa Penida

By scooter

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get around. 

Cost: 70,000 IDR/day 

Car hire with driver

A more expensive but comfortable and safer option. The journey to the further end of the island (eg to Diamond beach) can take a while (over an hour) as the roads are not as well developed and is very bumpy at times. 

Cost: 500,000 IDR/day. 

Both options are available right at the beach when you get off your boat. We ended up hiring a car with a driver, and headed to Kellingking beach and Diamond beach. 

What to do 


If you have a day here and don't want the hassle of arranging your own ferry and transport on the island, booking a day tour is the best option. 

Tours are generally split into east and west sides, but there is a combined east and west tour we found here

West side 

Kellingking beach 

Kellingking beach is one of the more famous spots on Nusa Penida - the rock formations look like a T. rex! You can walk down to the beach, but it is strenuous and the stairs are huge. It takes 45 minutes to get down, and slightly longer to get back up. 

Angel Billabong

A pretty but dangerous tidal pool with crystal clear water. It's important to check whether it's high or low tide before you go. 

Broken beach

This is a little cove that is known for its arch. 

Crystal bay 

Popular for its great snorkelling and sunsets! 


East side 

Diamond beach 

It is a 15 minute steep walk down the side of the cliff which has been newly carved. The lower part of the walk gets steeper and some parts don't have a railing either. There is a small shop at the bottom of the stairs selling drinks and a huge swing. 


Atuh beach

This is a small and calmer beach right next to Diamond beach. If you put in Diamond beach as a location on your maps, this will bring you to a parking area (steep and narrow) between Diamond and Atuh beach. There are a few local restaurants a few minutes from the parking area. 

Other popular spots include the Rumah Pohon tree house and Teletubby hills 

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