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Best Singaporean and Malaysian food in London 

There is so much overlap between Singaporean and Malaysian food, so this post is about the best of both foods in London. It is one of the most tasty cuisines out there, and there is such a huge variety of dishes to choose from! To name some important ones: nasi lemak,  laksa, chicken rice, satay, chilli crab, mee goreng, hokkien mee, and the list goes on…

1. Singapore Garden

This I think is the best Singaporean/Malaysian food in London. Both food and service are great. The dishes are authentic and won’t disappoint. Try their Char kuay teow (Flat noodles usually fried with seafood), chilli crab (crabs cooked in a sweet and not too spicy chilli sauce, which is surprisingly not overpriced given how expensive seafood can be) and their chicken rice (tender chicken served with flavourful rice cooked with chicken stock).


How to find them:

Swiss cottage is the closest tube station and it is only a short 5 minute walk to Singapore garden.

83 Fairfax Road | London NW6 4DY

2. Laksamania 

Laksamania is the new kid on the block and I can’t recommend them highly enough. The food is delicious! Of course you have to try their laksa (yellow noodles in a coconut based spicy broth) – they have 6 different types, but our favourite is the Singapore curry laksa. The rest of their menu is great too though – try their satay (grilled meat on a skewer served with a peanut sauce) and laksamania fried chicken (crispy boneless chicken served with fresh fruits and a creamy chilli sauce). This dish sounds slightly strange but is actually so good.  Finish your meal off with one of their delicious desserts (mango snow ice is a favourite). If you’re a member of SUKA (Singaporean UK Association), you get 10% off!


How to get there:

Tottenham court road is the closest tube station, also a 5 minute walk away.

92 Newman Street Fitzrovia London W1T 3EZ

3. Selesa Restaurant 

This is a not so well known restaurant serving Singaporean/Malaysian food but really is worth the visit. Try their beef rending (beef cooked with a lemon grass, chilli and coconut milk sauce), roti canai (prata served with chicken or fish curry) or char kuay teow. Remember to get the teh tarik as well (a milky Malaysian tea).


How to get there:

It’s actually a little difficult to find because it’s so tucked away. It’s in the Grand plaza service apartments and to get to the restaurant go through main reception, head along the hallway that is directly in front of you when you get in. Once you get past the doors, you’ll find yourself in an outdoor area again. Turn right, and the restaurant will be there.


Grand Plaza Service Apartments

42 Prince’s Square | London W2 4AD

4. Satay House

You’ll find great food here. It’s simple, reasonably priced, and you’ll want to keep coming back. Give their nasi lemak (coconut rice served with fried anchovies, prawn sambal and roasted peanuts) a go. Try their satay too – you have to since it’s in their name! Just before you go, get ice kacang for dessert (flavoured ice shavings accompanied by jelly, evaporated milk and red beans).


How to get there:

It’s  close to the Hilton Metropole and is really easy to find.


13 Sale Place | London W2 1PX

5. Roti King

Roti King is probably one of the better known Singaporean/Malaysian restaurants. It’s a no-frills favourite haunt, and it is tiny – so expect long queues. You typically have to wait at least half an hour to be seated, unless  you are the first in line when they open. Roti King is well known for its roti canai (prate served with curry). When you walk in, you’ll be able to see it being freshly made!


How to get there:

It’s right next to Euston station so very convenient.  


40 Doric Way Euston | London NW1 1LH

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Have you got any other favourite go-to spots? Let us know!