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Travel Stroller: Stokke Xplory 

Choosing the right stroller to take on your travels with your baby is so important – the key things to look out for when making your decision are to make sure the stroller is suitable for a wide variety of terrains, is light, easy to transport and put away, plus make sure you have the option to attach a car seat to the base of your stroller as well to make things easier for you!


Stokke is a Norwegian brand and their Xplory stroller exudes elegance and minimalism, designed to bring your baby closer to you wherever you are exploring in the world. We’ve found that our Xplory stroller allows us to effortlessly continue on our adventures (whether it’s a trip to London or a hike up into the hills), whilst keeping our baby safe and comfortable. This article will take you through the key travelling benefits with the Stokke Xplory to help you make your decision!

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1. Brings baby closer to you

The Xplory allows you to raise your baby higher, and bring them closer to you, so you can make eye contact and bond! Plus when you’ve stopped for a break at a café or restaurant, the seat is height adjustable to suit whatever table you’re seated at.

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2. Start exploring from birth 

It is suitable for babies from birth, and it’s never too early to go on an adventure!


3. Easily manoeuvrable

The swivel front wheels with larger wheels at the back mean that it is easier to manoeuvre through even tight spaces. Plus, the wheels are puncture free and require no maintenance. Another bonus is that you can switch your pram into its 2 wheel mode to help get up some stairs.


4. Seat is easily reversible

The seat can be turned from world facing to parent facing as the footplate is separated which allows the seat to be turned around with a simple click of buttons. This allows your baby to see more of the world if they want to.

The seat can also be reclined at different angles – rest sleep and active positions.


5. Good storage system 

An origami style shopping bag is used as the underpram storage, which can either be extended to make it larger or made more compact. Advantages are that it is detachable, with quick easy access with a zip in the front.

We love that we now won’t be accidentally losing our things on our trips (often they may fall out of an open top basket!), as the bag is sealed off.


6. Easy to put away

Just the trigger of one finger can fold the pram away easily and into your boot.

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7. Optional carrycot 


The carrycot is a great optional extra especially when they are younger.

Its breathable mattress and a ventilated base make it more comfortable for your baby during your trips. You’ve also got pockets at the end where you can pop your bottle or other small items you have with you.

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8. Functional canopy 

The canopy on the Xplory’s carrycot and seat can be extended fully if sunny and there is the option to use the sun visor. You can also unzip a section of the canopy to reveal a mesh to allow increased airflow into the carrycot. It is also relatively weatherproof, being made up of water repellent fabrics with UPF 50+ sun protection.


9. Attach your BeSafe iZi Go X1 car seat system to your  stroller

Your BeSafe iZi Go car seat can be used as pram seat with your Xplory (and all other Stokke prams) without adaptors and easily clicks right onto the chassis. It’s also suitable from newborn (up to 12 months), with removal cushions to suit your baby as they grow. We love it because it is so lightweight and easy to carry, making it one of your best travel companions especially on a road trip!

Stokke iZi Go Modular by BeSafe with Xpl


Let us know your thoughts and if you’ve decided to use the Stokke Xplory as your travel system, and check out our baby travel essentials blog to see what else we take on our travels!

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