How to Make Money Online (for Beginners)

Have you been wondering how you can quit your day job and travel the world full time, but you don’t see how it is possible? Or how people are making money online and how you can do the same? We’ve wondered the same thing too! The truth is there is no secret to it and there are so many ways you can start to work online in this day and age.


We’ve read many generic articles on how to do this and many have mentioned filling out online surveys, reviewing music, websites or apps but there are only so many surveys you can fill out or songs you can review in 24 hrs. Instead, we’ve looked at what successful influencers have done to earn their money whilst never stepping foot in an office. Below is a list of 9 things that you can start working on today!

9 Ways You Can Make Money Online

1. Create beautiful content and showcase it


This is more relevant if you are trying to build a following on a platform like instagram. 

First impressions last, and when you can create beautiful photos, you’ll be able to capture the attention of your target audience – whether for Instagram, blog posts or anything else! It can be photos of ANYTHING – you don’t have to be travelling. 

Learning how to create cohesive and engaging content is a key first step when you start. It is especially important if you are a smaller account as brands/hotels would be more willing to work with you if you can demonstrate your abilities (even if you have a small account). This forms a solid foundation for whatever you want to go on to do – which we will discuss in the rest of the article.

2. Sell your photos online

There are so many platforms to choose from where you can sell your photos for a fee on stock websites. Bear in mind there is quite a lot of competition on stock websites now, but that shouldn’t put you off trying. You can expect to get paid 24-45 cents per photo – this seems like a small amount but once you’ve uploaded your photos, the number of times they can be downloaded is endless so don’t underestimate this as an option to earn a bit of side income, especially if your photographs are just sitting around on your hard drive not generating money for you! Be consistent in your uploads, and you’ll likely see your benefits down the line.


Websites where you can sell stock photos include:

  • Istock

  • Getty images

  • Adobe stock

  • Shutterstock

  • Depositphotos


There are many more out there, but in our experience,  it is best to just pick one platform and stick with it (otherwise it becomes too time consuming) – we currently upload our photos to istock only.

3. Collaborating with brands/Sponsored posts


Bringing it back to our first point of creating engaging content, this is a big factor in then going on to collaborate with brands that you love. It is so important though to only post about things that you really believe in and support. It is tempting at the start to want to promote anything that comes your way, but your audience will lose their trust in you – this is not worth it! Additionally you will likely look back on it later and regret it.


You can collaborate with your favourite brands on almost any social media platform – twitter, facebook, Instagram, pinterest and even tiktok.


There are apps out there that connect ‘influencers’ with brands such as Upfluence and AspireIQ. We have had very mixed experiences with such apps and prefer to connect with brands we love direct, so don’t be shy to reach out and introduce yourself. Extra tip: when reaching out make sure your emails are always professionally written and presented – no one wants to work with someone who isn’t putting in any effort.

4. Start blogging


The saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day holds true when you’re trying to build your online presence. You can’t create a successful blog overnight but you’ll get there when you keep plugging away consistently for an extended period of time!


Pick your niche, a domain name, a platform and start creating posts that will add value and draw people to your site. Some of the ways you can make money off your blog include advertisements (for example through Google Adsense), sponsored posts and marketing your products. Google AdSense is easy to set up – create an account for free and you’ll get a code you associate with your website. Google will then be able to give commission based on your blog statistics including views, traffic and interaction.



5. Online marketing

Building your online presence and starting a blog will then give you a stepping stone to go on to sell digital products. The appeal of them is that once you’ve created it, there again is no limit to how many you can sell. Additionally, your overhead costs are low (it’s not like you need physical storage space), profit margins are high (with no recurring costs), and maintenance is minimal. It can potentially become an income stream and earn you money even while you sleep.


Get creative with what you want to sell – a useful e-book, online courses, photo preset filters, digital templates, digital art, music, and the list goes on.

6. Affiliate marketing


You can get your own affiliate links set up with most of the big brands out there (Amazon, Booking.com, on magic links, glambassador). Once you’ve signed up, you can get personalised links to various products. You can post these links anywhere and if someone buys a product or books a hotel through your link you’ll get a commission. This is a widely used option that a lot of people with an online presence opt to use, especially if you have an engaged audience.

7. Create a YouTube channel

You can absolutely make money on a successful YouTube channel – if you have a topic you are interested in or think you have something that people will want to hear about, go for it! YouTube is one of the most lucrative media channels out there and there is so much potential for you to earn.


Personally we haven’t tapped into this yet but plan to in the future because of the potential to connect with people in a different way. If you decide to set up a YouTube account, read up on how to master YouTube SEO.  

8. Freelance writing


If you’re good with words or enjoy writing, there are websites out there that will pay you for writing just about anything. For example, Listverse pays $100 for any list that you can think of writing (with a minimum of 10 items) that they approve.


Other websites we can think of:

  • Scotch: A web development site

  • Tenderly: A vegan magazine

  • Writers Weekly: How to write

  • Money Pantry: How to earn and save money

  • Back to college: Writing about education for mature students

9. Selling your expertise online


There are some amazing platforms out there that people don’t even consider using to make money, either full time or as a side hustle. Our favourite examples of these are Fiverr and Airbnb experiences.



To summarise, the idea we are trying to get across in this blog, is that you can choose any topic under the sun (from travel, food, fashion to lifestyle or personal finance) – it doesn’t matter as long as you put your mind to it and make it work! Consistency and dedication is key – this is not difficult stuff, but requires commitment.


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