The Best Apps for Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories have become increasingly popular and important in keeping your audience and friends engaged, so it is wise to spend some time making your stories look good and creative.


The great news is that you don’t need a graphic designer to make the most beautiful Instagram stories, you just need the right apps!


We like keeping things simple and you don’t really want 20 different apps cluttering your phone and taking up unnecessary space, so these are the only apps that we use for our stories.


These are the 6 best apps to up your Instagram story game.

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1. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Good for: Editing  photos professionally with one click


Price: Free to download with many free features (including presets, curves, profiles, clarity, texture & dehaze) as well as premium in-app purchases


If there is only one app you are going to get, get this one. You can transform your photos with one click using a preset or adjust certain aspects on your own. The Lightroom app also offers free photo editing step-by-step tutorials created by other photographers to improve your skills.

↠ Check out our Lightroom presets we always use to edit our photos that you can use on your phone. 



2. Word Swag

Good for: Artistically turning your words into a stunning text post.


Price: Free to download and comes with free fronts + in-app purchases to get more font packages


This app will help you create beautiful type layouts and makes you look effortlessly artistic. All you have to do is pick a layout you love, type in your quote and you’re good to go.

Alternative: Typorama

Good for: Typorama is also fantastic for adding beautifully written text to your stories. There are many free templates to choose from but you can choose to pay for their pro version to get access to all templates/fonts.


Price: Free


3. Unfold

Good for: Creating thoughtful collages and layouts with both photos and videos


Price: Free to download with 25 free templates + other paid in-app templates


Unfold helps you to combine a group of photos together in a collage, where you can choose from a number of templates. You can also add text to your story to bring it to life. You can share straight from the app to Instagram.


Alternative: Canva

Good for: Another great resource for adding a touch of flair to your stories (both photos and videos), making your design process simple and fun. There are over 60,000 free templates to choose from, personalise it with your own text + colour palettes and share it directly to Instagram.


4. Mojo

Good for: Attention grabbing stories with animated elements


Price: Free to download + in-app purchases


You can choose from >100 templates which you can edit to your liking (media/text). What we love about this app is the moving elements which are very engaging (and looks more complicated than it really is)!  New styles are added every month to keep things fresh. Particularly good for call-to-actions (eg promoting a new post).


5. InShot

Good for: Quick video editing – trim, cut/delete sections, merge and adjust video speed


Price: Free to download + option to pay for InShot Pro Unlimited subscription which removes advertisements and allows you to have access to their stickers and filter packages


You can also add music, effects and voice-overs to your videos to add a different dimension to your stories – this is particularly useful if Instagram music isn’t available in your region or your viewers’ region. InShot also have photo filters but we mainly use it for video editing.


6. Hyperlapse from Instagram 

Good for: Creating hyperlapses


Price: Free


This is great for creating stabilised hyperlapses, so your footage looks smooth even if you are walking or running. You can speed it up to 12x its original speed and share to Instagram directly. Great for showing your journey to your viewers!


There you go. These are the only 6 apps you need to create professional looking instagram stories, and everyone might believe you are a pro at graphic design. Enjoy! 

03 April 2020