Baby Travel Essentials 



Baby Travel Essentials 

Have you decided to take your first trip with your baby and are wondering what you need to make your trip  as easy as possible and make sure all of you have the best time?

In this post we have put together our top baby travel essentials to make your trip that much better! If checklists help, check out our downloadable baby travel checklist!

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1. Travel system/pram



Your travel system is probably the bulkiest bit of gear you will be taking with you, so choose wisely! 

This is a great option for trips where you’ll be doing a lot of walking/exploring in particular. You can usually take your travel system/pram up to the gate at the airport where it can be checked in for free. 

We love the Ocarro mamas & papas range, which has a large and robust design to suit any terrain – perfect for whatever you have in mind for your trip, whether you’re going to be strolling along country lanes or suburban streets. It also has a one-hand fold system that collapses into a compact size for easy transport.


2. Stokke Stroller & Compatible Car Seat

Having a car seat is more relevant if you are renting a car at your holiday destination or taking a road trip with your family.

Check out the Stokke Xplory pram and iZi Go X1 car seat system. The car seat clips onto the stroller so you don’t have to carry the car seat as a separate and bulky item. The car seat is also ultralight and easy to carry!


3. Baby Carrier

Being able to wear your baby on you as you get around can make a big difference! This is also an alternative to using a travel system/pram. 


 We would recommend the Caboo Close parent baby carrier – it is really easy to use, takes up little space, helps keep your baby close and calms them down. It uses supportive, soft, organic fabric which makes it comfortable for both you and your baby. It gives great support and keep your ‘hands free’ for all your holiday activities!

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4. Babycare Items

These include diapers, wipes, extra clothing, bibs, a pacifier, baby bottles. 

Generally, the fewer items you have to lug around, the better. For diapers, try to pack enough to last you a day or two - you'll be able to buy more to top up your supplies when you get to your destination. If you're trying to cut down on the amount of clothes you're bringing, you can consider washing clothes as you travel (if convenient)! Otherwise, pack 2 outfits/day with a few extra sets to spare. 


5. Travel Breast Pump

Choose a breast pump that will suit your needs - ideally one that is small, lightweight and effective.


We love travelling and our LoveAmmee travel pump which we bring everywhere with us!  It is specially made for travel and is customised for efficiency, allowing us to save time (and space)! Some of its pros include the ability to pump directly into feeding bottles, it's built-in easily rechargeable battery, the option to single or double pump and FlexSkin breast shields which are custom fit to ensure an optimised pumping experience. 


6. Nappy bag

You need to be able to carry all your baby essentials in a light, practical (but still fashionable!) bag. 

We love this Kerikit leather backpack, which is both durable and functional with numerous pockets inside and outside for diapers, wipes and an extra change of clothes. Its side pockets are also insulated for your baby bottles.

Another perk is that it is cabin bag friendly for all airlines and classifies as a handbag! Plus, you can even fit a 14” laptop, perfect for travelling.


7. Mobile bed

This is more relevant for road trips, or having a staycation just a drive away. It’s a great little basket that will be familiar to your baby and help them get to sleep easily even when you’re away!

The Little Green Sheep Moses basket is a beautiful organic knitted liner that comes with a mattress. It is a natural palm leaf basket which makes it easy to pick up and move around.

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The main tip for making your baby travels fun is to keep things to the minimum! Don't overpack and remember to bring only what you need. These are the 6 main categories of items you need when travelling with your baby and we really hope it helps! 

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