7 Things To Do In Singapore

Singapore is known for being a super clean, green city where you can sip on a Singapore Sling in the year round summer climate. Singapore is Evey's hometown, however putting any bias aside, it is the above and much much more.

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If stopping over in Singapore on the way to Australia or anywhere else, why not extend the layover and explore this country too. It's only 20 minutes from the airport to the city centre. 

How to get from Changi (Singapore) airport to Orchard Road:

1. Jump in a Taxi - (20 mins) - $25 to $30

2. Catch the MRT (metro) or bus - 30min - $2

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Things to do in Singapore

1. Visit Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay is made up of the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and surrounding gardens. The standard entrance fee to Forest/Dome is $28 ($15 for children) and the surrounding gardens are free. The Forest/Dome are open from 9am to 9pm everyday, but the surrounding gardens are accessible 24/7. We arrived at 8am, and it started getting busy from about 9.30am.


The flower dome is full of plants that thrive in the cool and dry Mediterranean climates and they’re always switching up their floral displays so even if you’ve been before, you’re likely to see something new.


The Cloud forest is very different and the plants in here are those that survive in cool, moist climates. It is home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall which is pretty impressive. If you want great pictures with it, you have to go early. The Cloud Walk and Treetop Walk are lots of fun so don’t miss it.


If you’re still here in the evening, drop by the Supertree lightshow (Garden rhapsody) where you watch the trees come alive and enjoy the music (7.45pm, 8.45pm).


2. Immerse yourself in the Art Science Museum

The ArtScience museum is walking distance from Gardens by the Bay (although you probably don’t want to be walking at midday). You can’t miss it, it’s the building that looks like an outstretched palm.


The Future World Exhibition: Where Art Meets Science is a permanent exhibition, and you work your way through the interative artwork which is great for children and adults. Admisison times are spread out throughout the day to prevent overcrowding. Our favourite section was Space – a room filled with lights lined from floor to ceiling.


Check their website out for up to date exhibitions.


3. Take in the Architecture 

Singapore’s architecture varies vastly, from colonial shophouses and mixed use housing commercial developments to our skyscrapers in the central business district. Check out People's Park Complex which is a mixed purpose building (commercial and residential) that was built in 1967, or the Old Hill Street Police Station which is well known for its many colourful windows (close to Clarke Quay). 

4. Explore the Reservoirs  

Singapore Is known for being a Garden city, and for good reason. Spend a morning or afternoon exploring one of the many reservoirs.


To name a few:

  1. MacRitchie (as seen below) 

  2. Lower Pierce

  3. Upper Pierce

  4. Upper Seletar


Remember not to feed the monkeys!


5. Visit the Botanic Gardens 

Found in the heart of Singapore, the Botanic gardens is free to enter, and is made up of many different sections. Pop by Swan Lake to visit the swans, fish and turtles, or maybe visit the National Orchid garden ($5 for adults, $1 for students). Families love to have Sunday afternoon picnics here, and you can always join the early morning exercise groups that are always going on! If exercise is not your thing, have a Michelin Star meal in the Corner House which is actually in the gardens itself. This drone shot below was taken from the Orchid garden. 

6. Go to the zoo!  

The zoo never gets old and we've been going nearly every year. The Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world - it is known for its open concept where you get to see the orang-utans swinging in the trees above you. It is home to over 2400 animals and gets over 1.9 million visitors a year! You can get tickets to the main zoo, night safari or river safari; or a combination of all 3 for a better deal. The river safari is the newest addition, and is home to 2 giant pandas: Kai Kai and Jia Jia. It's quite tiring to do all the safaris in one day, but you can always spread it out.

7. Eat the best food 

Eating is the national pastime in Singapore, and you won’t find a Singaporean who doesn’t love food. What and where to eat however, deserves an article(s) of its own.  What makes Singapore’s cuisine so special is the mix of influence including Chinese, Indian, Malay and Peranakan (Nonya).  However, here a quick list of foods you don't want to be missing: Hokkien mee, Wanton mee, barbecued sting ray, chilli crab, laksa, nasi lemak, char kuay teow, Hainanese chicken rice and nonya kuehs. Nonya kuehs are a good dessert option (kuehs are sweet/savoury snacks), and Kim Choo at Joo Chiat road is one of our favourites!  


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