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This preset pack is designed to make your photos pop with ONE CLICK, whilst not taking too much away from the original shot. Subtlety is key here and this pack gives you a lot of versatility for different locations and light conditions.

The pack includes 10 different presets:

  • Beach Life

  • Brighten Up

  • Sunset

  • Soft Pastel

  • Le Wander

  • Glowing

  • Clean Up

  • Safari Sunset

  • Orange Hues

  • Summer Feels

As well as:

  • PDF 'How To' guide to get you set up


We have created these presets over the last 2 years, and use them ourselves all the time. If you need any further help, message us @travelthough!



What is a Lightroom Preset?

Lightroom Presets are custom filters created to give your photo a specific look

Why use Lightroom Presets?

To give your photos a professional and consistent style

What app do I need to use Presets on my phone?

You will need the free Lightroom CC app

Are the Presets instantly downloaded?

Yes, you will get an instant email including your new presets. You will need to download the files onto your computer and follow the PDF instructions to set them up on your phone

Will these Presets work on all my photos?

The Presets can be applied to any photo (DSLR/iPhone/other), however depending on the lighting within the photo, you may need to tweak a few elements e.g. exposure

Are the Presets editable?

Yes, these Presets are not locked and can be adjusted. Within Lightroom there are sliders to edit your photos. We have pre-set these to get dreamy photos in 1-click, but these Presets can still be very easily tweaked if you want to adjust slightly to taste

If you still have any questions drop us a DM on Instagram or email us hello@travelthough.com