For years you wonder what it's really like - is it THAT blue, THAT clean, THAT blissful! Being able to experience one of these teeny-tiny islands in the flesh allows you to judge it yourself...

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We want to share our thoughts here, but having scrolled through hundreds of photos and read so many hotel reviews - trust us, you can't judge the Maldives from a screen.

The resort we stayed at is Anantara Dhigu / Anantara Veli. These are two separate resorts both owned by Anantara which you can get a 2 minute boat to/from. The boat runs all day until 11.30pm which is a very nice touch. (Even though this is the Maldives we're talking about, the water is too deep to walk across).

Things to do in Maldvies 

1. Enjoy its beaches

A tropical nation in the Indian Ocean, totalling 26 ring-shaped atolls, which are made up of more than 1,000 coral islands. It's pretty obvious that the beaches here are INSANE. These beaches and lagoons are the main reason why the Maldives is so well loved, and they are out of this world. The lagoon in which Anantara is situated is pretty large so there's lots of tiny beaches to explore, and you can usually find an empty spot where you feel like there has been a zombie apocalypse and you're the only ones left in the world!


2. Look out for wildlife

We stayed in an over-water villa, and saw stingrays almost every morning. Lots of fish and baby sharks in the water too! When looking back on some of our drone footage we could see turtles swimming around just a few meters from the beach, too bad we didnt see them at the time!

3. Water sports

You are provided with complimentary snorkelling equipment, kayaks and paddle boards, so make use of it! They also offer petrol powered water sports for the adventure seekers.