Best Photo Spots in Santorini 

f you’re wondering where to go on your next summer Europe break, Santorini is the answer you’re looking for. It is one of the most romantic and magical places we have been to and are already looking forward to going back. The plus side of visiting a beautiful place is all the amazing photo opportunities. These are our 5 favourite photo spots in Santorini, with instructions on how to get there!

1. Oia Castle Ruins 

The castle ruins is the most popular place for watching the famous Santorini sunset, and you’ll easily see why when you get there. On a clear evening, the view is stunning! Everyone knows this though, and it gets really, really crowded. If you want a good seat, aim to get there up to 2.5 hours before sunset. Make an occasion out of it and pack a good picnic, a few drinks, and enjoy the show. It offers a great vantage point, overlooking the cliffs of Oia and the sea. 

The castle gives you a bird’s eye view of the town, and it’s really quite lovely to see how the colours change as the sun sets over Santorini. As people start to clear off right after sunset, this is your opportunity to stay just that bit longer and watch Oia light up for the night

How to get there:

Oia is situated on the north west of Santorini, and the castle ruins sit right at the very tip - so once you get to Oia by bus/car, head north-west along the windy streets, and you will find it. It is about a 500m walk from the bus terminal.


Oia 847 02, Greece

2. The Three Blue Domes of Oia 

When you see postcard pictures of Santorini, you see the three blue domes. This probably one of the most photographed spots in Santorini, and it gets really crowded too! If you want it all to yourself, get there early (aim to get there before 8 am). It really is worth getting up that bit earlier to get that amazing shot – it’s not much fun having to wait in the heat in a long line of other tourists waiting to get that photo too.

How to get there:

The domes are slightly tricky to find, but start at the main square, and facing the opposite direction to the bus terminal, head down the street to your right. Keep following this path, past a smaller church until you find the gold and silver store. There is a path opposite to this store which you need to take. This path then forks in front of a brown door. On the right, you'll find the best spot for the blue domes and on the left, another beautiful church rooftop. 

3. Church Rooftop in Oia 

To be fair, everywhere is pretty in Santorini. If you’re hiking from Fira to Oia (which we recommend highly!) you’ll get plenty of opportunities to snap those pretty rooftops. This photo on the left below is taken just further up from the three blue domes. You’re not allowed to climb on the roof, and if any of the staff catch you they will not be too pleased – plus, it’s not safe to be climbing on roofs. 

How to get there:

When you are on the path leading to the three blue domes, instead of turning right, make a left instead. 

4. The winding path down from Oia to Amoudi Bay

It’s 300 steps down to the bay, where you’ll get amazing seafood. The thing is, you’ll have to walk back up - or you could go for a famous sunset donkey ride. The donkeys are great to capture, they mostly stand there looking slightly bored, but if they’re in the mood for posing for the camera, they will go for it.

How to get there:

When you are heading towards the Oia castle ruins, you'll get to a point where you can start to see over the ecliffs of Oia. You'll notice the orange coloured Kastro Oia Houses - head all the way down the steps that lead right past these houses. The stairs are numbered so you'll know how far you've gone! 

5. Kastro Oia Houses

The Santorini postcards all have the famous blue and white domes all over them. These beautiful orange houses though, are still picture perfect and make a great backdrop for your photos! The combination of the pastel blue door and the lovely pink flowers lining the entrance make it all the more magical.

How to get there:

At the intersection of the path leading towards the Oia castle ruins, instead of turning left for the castle, look down and it's just to your right - on the way down to Amoudi Bay. 

Any questions? Ask us below!

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