5 apps to up your instagram game

1. For creating beautiful photos: Lightroom 

Lightroom is the foundation for your beautiful photos. It is what makes a good photo great, and we can’t emphasize that enough. All the magic happens here and it really transforms images. It is a bit tricky in the beginning to get to grips with how to edit your photos – playing with the colours, gradients, contrast and many other things, but it’s worth the hard work! Watching tutorials on youtube is a great way to get going. The app is good on the go, but make sure you have the desktop version as well (you do get more control over how your photo turns out on your computer). Although, you can download presets to your lightroom app, to easily transform images with just 1 click.

2. To make sure your photos look good together: Preview 

Photos that look good individually may not look good together. It’s difficult to visualise how your Instagram feed will turn out if you’re only thinking one picture ahead. If you want an aesthetically pleasing feed, download the Preview app, where you can upload your next couple of photos and see how they look together.

3. To create a unified look on your feed: 

This app allows you to edit multiple photos in the same way, again to help create that unified look that will make your Instagram account stand out from the crowd. It is essentially using the same type of preset and applying that across your photos. It saves you some time as well!

4. To bring your Instagram stories to life: Pixaloop

Pixaloop is amazing. It injects life into an otherwise boring still photo, plus it is simple to use. It creates movement in pictures - take a picture of a waterfall for example – you can set ‘anchor’ points to outline the flowing water, create ‘flow’ directions for which you want the water to appear to be moving, and ‘freeze areas’ you don’t want to move (for example if you’re standing in the waterfall and don’t want to look like you are melting), and what you get is a still photo with a flowing waterfall! You can also easily change the sky in your photos so it looks like your clouds are blowing across the sky. It is so much fun to play around with, and it looks so good.

5. To add templates to your Instagram story photos: Unfold 

This is another amazing app to showcase your creativity. It provides you with templates and the tools to create collages and add text to your photos – which is amazing for your instastories! Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can upload it straight to Instagram.

Did we miss out on your favourite app? We would love to hear about it!